So you want to order a personalized pen from Pinnacle. Great ! Following are the 5 simple steps we follow and you get your personalized pen or logo pen in no time.

Pinnacle was the first to introduce personalized pens in the Indian market about 9 years ago and till now we have served over 800 brands. So go ahead and order your personalized pen from Pinnacle with confidence.

Want to know more about engraved pens and personalized pens read our FAQs on Personalized Pens. If you don’t find your answer there don’t worry just drop us an email at and we will answer your question.

1. Make Your Choice

Our online catalogue at is filled with a plethora of pens of varied designs and styles. You could narrow your pen search based on price and delivery time by using the filter in the left column. Currently we carry three brands Parker pens, Cross pens, and Waterman pens and price range from Rs. 900 to Rs. 55,000.

2. Place Your Order Online

Place your order right from the comfort of your desk and save money too. You will always get pens at a lower cost than what you would get from a retail store plus you get free personalization and free delivery across India. Pay through our secure online payment gateway with confidence.

3. Tell us what you want engraved on your Pen 

This could be a message, a logo, a date or just the name….anything which makes your gift even more special. Just make sure that your alphabets (or symbols if any) do not exceed 10 – 20 letters as space on pens is limited. Share this information along with your order number ( you will get this in an email when you place an order online) to

In your email, also include the specific font styles you would like the message to be engraved in. Choose your preferred font from the following options.

Font Options for Engraved Pens

engraved pen

Since space is a major constraint for engraving messages on pens not all fonts come out well on Pens. However the above 5 pass our test and we always get good results with these fonts on most pens. Should a particular font not work with your choice of pen our design team will let you know that in advance.

You can select more than one font option for we will show you a digital layout before putting it in production..       

4.  Approve the digital artwork before your pen is engraved 

As per your instructions we will send you a copy of the digital artwork complete with engraved text and preferred font so that you can see it before the final engraving is done. Once you like what you see send an approval email and give us a go ahead to engrave your pen. Please note if we do not get an approval email we will not engrave your pen.

Please note that the digital layout may slightly differ from the actual product in these two areas:

  • Text Color: The color may appear slightly different on different computer screens. Hence, sometimes the actual color of engraved text may differ from the one you saw online.
  • Text Size: You may get the impression that the text you see online is slightly bigger or smaller than what you actually get on the pen.

You can also refer to our FAQs on engraved pens

5. Your Pen Is Ready To Be Received

Once your pen is engraved we will add a small Gift tag for you to write a personal message and ship your order. We will share the shipping and docket details with you and you will receive your order in the specified time.

If this is a corporate order and you want your pens to be shipped to multiple location just let us know and it will be done.

Buy your pens at Pinnacle and save time and money! You may also like to read  5 main reasons why our customers consider Pinnacle as their best choice to buy pens online and offline 


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