The Award Industry Handbook for Smart Managers


14 Years of Learning Packed in a Nifty Little Book. Save Time! Save Money!

There are a dizzying array of choices on the Internet and a Lot of information (and misinformation). Sift out the clutter and get your own copy of The Award Industry handbook. We have picked 100 commonly used terms in the Awards and Recognition Industry starting from materials and products to processes and digital terms. A must have resource if you make decisions for awards and recognition within your company.

With this ready reference guide you will

  • Be able to Save Money! on your next order by knowing exactly what's best for you
  • Talk like a Pro with team members and management.
  • Save Time! Get all your questions answered in one easy-to-use reference guide.
  • Negotiate with vendors since now you have a deeper understanding of their offerings.

At Pinnacle — India's leading provider of awards and recognition products — we have learned the hard way, 14 years of making mistakes, attending seminars, meeting tons of vendors, experimenting with different ideas, basically getting our hands dirty with just about everything. For you we have packed it all in 32 pages of this handbook. A free, no-obligation ebook.


Download Free Handbook:

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