Company Pin (Die Struck Soft Enamel)

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*Now getting your own custom lapel pin is as easy as sending an email. We only need to know what you want and you can leave the rest on Pinnacle. *At Pinnacle we offer six different finishes for lapel pins. This lapel pin is a Dye Struck Soft Enamel Lapel Pin. Don’t know which is the right choice to make. No worry just send us your artwork at [email protected] and we would be happy to suggest the right options. *Bright enamel colors add magic to your Lapel pins. They never fade away. Even years down the line, your pins always looks bright and happy. *Our high quality pins will never spoil your shirt or uniform and our butterfly pin will always protect you from getting pierced accidentally. *Image of the lapel pin is only for reference. All copy rights belong to the respective owner of the brand. *Dimensions: Lapel pins can be made in any custom shape and size. Generally it ranges from 0.5” to 3”.

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