Engraved Coffee Mug: Lions (Double Side Engraving)

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* Engraved Text on Coffee Mug "Lions". * Your message will not fade with time. :) Try our exciting range of bright color engraved mugs. The entire text and design is engraved on the mug instead of being printed. So your message stays intact for ever. * Quick Shipping Available for Most Coffee Mug. * Want this design on any other color coffee mug? Just mention it along with your customized message and email us at [email protected] Colors Available: Black, Blue, Red. * All Coffee Mugs are individually packed in a Pinnacle Box. * All our Coffee mugs are made from Extra fine Porcelain and color used in mugs are food safe. All our mugs are FDA certified. * Dimension: Height: 3.75"", Top Diameter: 3.25"", Bottom Diameter: 3.25"", Capacity: 350ml. Color : Black."

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New to Engraved Mugs? Well you have landed at the best place. Pinnacle was the first company to introduce engraved mugs in India 13 years ago. Not only we were the first but we have also worked for maximum brands across India and created their very own engraved mugs...over 500 brands and counting. Engraved mugs are quite different from the regular printed coffee mugs click here to read our blog How is engraving on coffee mug different from printing? While printed mugs are easy to make and very common product engraved coffee mugs require a lot of precision working and an artistic hand reason why they are always appreciated more when people receive and engraved mug. We have created engraved mugs for just about every occasion just as brand promotion, internal recognition, fun gift, motivational gifts, Thank you gift and personalized gift. Pinnacle your best source to buy engraved mugs.

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