Grandiose Crystal Award (Large)


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.* Even in the night some stars shine brighter than the rest. In every company there are gleaming stars who outshine the ordinary. This award is for those gleaming stars. * Our Grandiose Award stands tall at 12.2 inch and looks really impressive. It has a hint of red crystal at the bottom which reveals itself beautifully in an enchanting play of light. * A small crystal world globe is placed aptly in the centre cavity making this Grandiose crystal award perfect for global recognition.

Availability: In stock


Form, function and fantasy are perfectly aligned in our range of Crystal Awards. We begin with the best material known in the industry for awards and recognition, K9 A grade Crystal this raw material passes through series of stringent production techniques and processes before it finally transforms into a glistening and glimmering crystal award. At Pinnacle we pay as much attention to your artwork as we do in designing and crafting crystal shapes. We firmly believe that meticulously and artfully engraved artwork is an essential element that transforms an ordinary Crystal shape to an emotional possession which is cherished for life.

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