Life is beautiful yet for many people life is endless struggle. Struggle for getting the basic needs met every day, struggle for survival. They have forgotten what happiness looks like. We understand that problems are too big and too complex but at Pinnacle we have decided to take up one small part of this large complex problem and do our best to make a difference. At Sankalan, we collect used books, make them into meaningful libraries and hand them over to schools for whom library is a luxury which they can"t afford. Old books have little or no use in most houses but for children in these schools its almost like a chest of treasure. Colorful pictures, amazing stories, things they have never seen in their life, all seem to come alive. Even text and reference books which otherwise may be boring are a blessing here. Most often in these schools one book is shared by many children if not the entire class. We welcome you to participate in our initiative and give us a helping hand. You can either send us books or volunteer to undertake the responsibility of one school where you will visit a minimum of 4 times in a year. Our work does not stop at distributing the books. We like to maintain contact with the schools to see how the books are being used and how we can improve their usage. Its always a two way process.

For more information on Sankalan just write to us at [email protected]

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