Want to buy a personalized pen or an engraved pen but have lots of questions in your mind? Don’t worry we have collated all the questions our customers ask us frequently over the past 9 years that we have been engraving on pen and put all of them together for you.

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How is engraving done on a pen?

The process of engraving on a pen is a meticulous and detailed process done by trained workers. The top coat of paint or plated metal of the pen is removed to reveal the bare metal inside during the engraving process. This can be done through several different types of laser and engraving machine. At Pinnacle we have all machines in house and our trained workers choose the best process depending on the Pen. Often even pens of the same brand cannot be engraved using the same process.

Can I get engraving done on a plastic pen? 

No, engraving is best suited for metal pens and wooden pens.  For plastic pens only printing is advisable.

Can you engrave pen in different colors? 

No, color filling is not possible after engraving is done on the pen. As mentioned above, only the top layer of paint is removed while engraving is done on the body of the pen.

After engraving what will be the color of my text?

The final text color depends on the body of the pen. Most pens will appear in shades of gold as most good quality pens are made from brass and once the top coating is removed, bare brass is revealed. However, the exact shade of gold that will appear on the final product cannot be guaranteed. The final outcome may be different even for the same pen brands. For instance, not all Waterman pens will have the same text color after engraving. For a pen made from stainless steel, the text will appear in a dull grey color after engraving.

What is a good place to engrave message or name on the pen?

The location of the engraved message will differ from pen to pen as we need a plain area to do engraving and if the pen already has some texture or self design than we cannot engrave in that area. However it is also a matter of personal choice some people like the engraving on the cap and some on the body. Our design team will be happy to suggest ideas and help you if you have any particular preferences. See the following image here the engraving in different areas.

In the artwork you sent us the font appeared smaller but in actual pen it was bigger. Why is that?

The exact proportion of the font size along with the pen cannot be determined in the digital artwork we send you. However, you can be rest assured that our design and production team will choose the most appropriate size while engraving your pen. We have been in the business of engraving pens for the past ten years and we promise to provide you with a perfectly finished product every time.

Which Is Better: Engraving On Pen Or Printing On Pen? 

We offer both engraving and printing on pen but engraving wins over printing 9 out of 10 times as it has many advantages. Engraved logo on a pen or name looks far more classic than a printed logo and also you can engrave logo even for a small qty run of 10, or 50 or 100. Personal names on pen is possible only through engraving. Printing works well only when you want your logo to be printing in color on a pen. Usually we offer printing on pen for a minimum of 100 plus one time qty order.

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