3D Photo Crystal: The Dominion

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* A majestic piece apt for a CXO room and for any one who love tigers. * This versatile 3D Photo Crystal can be used as a leadership award or just as an art piece. Personalization and custom engraving on text can be done on the surface of the crystal. * What makes this award truly unique is the 3D tiger engraved inside one solid block of crystal. * It weighs around 1.5 kg. * An additional crystal base can be added if required. *Dimensions:Total height : 7.25" , Length :7" , Breadth : 4" , Thickness : 80 mm.

Availability: Out of stock


3D images can be engraved inside crystal through a laser machine. This process of engraving is called 'Sub Surface Laser Engraving'. To read more details about it click here To get a perfect image inside crystal is both an art and science. You need perfect machines perfect crystal and of course a perfect artwork. When you get your custom 3D Photo Crystal made by Pinnacle you get all three things every time.

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