Star of the Month Award : Endure Series


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*Do you celebrate Star of the month Award ? *At Pinnacle we offer a huge selection of ?Star of the Month Award? plus our design team will be happy to custom make one for you should you need one. *This star of the month award is crafted from high quality acrylic and meticulously finished to perfection. *At Pinnacle we produce the highest quality acrylic awards you can find in the country. The finish and the sheen on our acrylic awards are beyond compare. Till the time you pick our acrylic awards in your own hand you will not know that they are acrylic. Most of our clients mistake our acrylic awards for crystal award. The only difference is the weight. Crystal is heavier. *Our Endure series acrylic awards are very popular since they are cut from a single block of thick acrylic, they are self standing and with myriad artworks your choices are endless. Best of all since these are acrylic awards they are unbreakable.

Availability: In stock



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