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Shipping is always free* at Pinnacle. Whether you want our awards and products for your conference at Goa or you want them to be shipped to your branch offices in different cities we can ship directly for you. Not only we ensure that we ship free we also take guarantee** to deliver our awards and gifts in perfect condition. 

Are you planning for an international conference and all your awards and gifts need to be shipped directly from India? Just let us know while placing the order and for a small fee we can ensure that we pack our goods ready for international shipping. 

* Shipping is not free in following cases.


1. We offer special discounted pricing or bulk prices which are different from the ones mentioned on the website.

2. Shipping out of India.

3. Shipping to cities not covered by Blue Dart or Fedex within india.

Please note for many locations Blue dart or fedex may charge extra for shipping since they are out of their regular service area should this happen the additional charges will be communicated to you. If you place an online order we may inform you about this later and in that case you will have a choice to cancel your order in case you are not ok to pay the charges. Our customer support team will make every effort to ensure that the deliveries are made without additional charges. If we are charging you for shipping ask your account manager why you do not qualify for free shipping.

** If you do not receive the good in perfect condition and they are damaged please intimate us about the damage at the time of receiving the consignment from the courier company. We will not be able to do much if the loss or damage is reported to us later and their is no written complaint on the courier slip where you signed at the time of taking the order. 


Since most products sold on our website are custom products. Shipping time vary a lot. From as low as 3-5 days they can range well over 60 days. The shipping days are clearly written against every product. Should you have additional questions please write to us at [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you in your requirement. 




Sending Your Artwork 

Take advantages of our well trained design team to create exceptional designs for your award ceremony. Send us your custom matter, logo files etc in our preferred file format and we will create the artwork for free for you. We truly believe that small details can make all the difference in any artwork.

Please note we will not be able to create great work from jpegs or scanned images with poor resolutions. Copy rights of all artworks produced by Pinnacle rests with Pinnacle. We do not give our original files.

Preferred file format: Corel Draw 13, EPS file, Adobe Illustrator file.

We charge design fee for all of the following :

1. When we custom create a new award / memento / trophy or any new product exclusively for you. 2. When we create a vector art (line art) for any design or logo file which you give us or recreate the logos for you.  



Good branding is key to a beautiful award. Nothing can be more fatal than a poorly executed artwork on a perfect award. Reason why we have a complete in house setup for designing and branding. 90% of all products sold by us are branded in house. So while we could be sourcing our products from some of the best companies from around the world the final branding with your logo and custom artwork is done in house and under strict quality checks.
Custom Awards
Are you looking for an exclusive award to be designed and crafted for your upcoming award ceremony? Talk to us. Over the past many years we have created some of India’s most prestigious awards. Customers prefer to work with us since we understand materials and possibilities. Our designs not just look good on paper but look even more amazing in reality. 

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